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Love is like the scattering flowers

b_sim – Belle, 佳昕(jiā xīn), ベル(Beru).
♥ 19th January.
♥ From a tiny island known as Singapore.
♥ Comments, criticism and critique is allowed but please be polite.
♥ Reuploading of my fics is not allowed unless I have given you permission to do so.
♥ Do not take credit for anything I have written.
♥ Feel free to friend this journal if you'd like updates.
♥ I was inspired to write a historical fic after watching NHK's taiga drama, Fuurin Kazan.
♥ Scattered Petals became the one story I put the most time and thought into. It's a story that hits close to home though I've personally never been through anything the characters have been through.
♥ The characters are definitely not similar to their celebrity counterparts in personality, but do look like them in my mind.
♥ Unless stated otherwise, I do not own the characters from Scattered Petals.
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